EZ-CARE's Childcare & Technology Partners

EZ-CARE works even better with integrations and partnerships!
EZ-CARE partners, and offers integration, with great child care businesses and technology companies around the world. Visit our partner sites below to learn how these companies work with EZ-CARE and can make a difference in your business.


These are partners with whom EZ-CARE2 integrates. By integrating your childcare software with the following best-of-breed solutions, you can make your business even more effective! Contact us today to learn how these integrations work, and to see how you can take the next step toward integrating your EZ-CARE2 software with one of our partners.

Childcare Quickbooks integration Logo


QuickBooks is accounting software for small businesses. EZ-CARE2 is the only childcare center management software certified as a QuickBooks Gold Developer. QuickBooks users can seamlessly integrate with EZ-CARE2 – completely eliminating double data entry! This allows you to take advantage of EZ-CARE2’s specialized features for child care enrollment and billing while posting to QuickBookfs for financial reporting.

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OneCallNow Broadcast Integration


Send voice messages, text messages, or emails to a group easily and efficiently. Ensure that your clients are always in the know with the OneCallNow easy messaging system. Best of all, it integrates with EZ-CARE2 to eliminate the hassle of manually entering contact information.

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Childcare CRM integration


ChildCareCRM is a web-based solution for child care organizations to manage their marketing. A software as a service solution, ChildCareCRM can help you manage parent inquiries, track your leads, monitor your marketing campaigns and results, and keep an eye on competitors. Once a child is enrolled, EZ-CARE2’s integration gives you the ability to transfer parent and child information into EZ-CARE2, saving you the time of having to re-enter this information and reducing errors. A parent and child move from a lead in Child Care CRM to a client in EZ-CARE2 in one smooth process.

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SafeSave Logo


SafeSave Payments allows for secure credit card and e-check transactions. Using SafeSave ensures that your clients have a secure experience when paying for your child care services. Our Payment Processing Suite and WebLink uses SafeSave for PCI compliant payment processing.

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Online Childcare Enrollment Forms Logo


WebLink is an Internet-based application that provides highly customizable forms as links from your existing web site. The service can collect data and, if you desire, process payments. You can review the signups and then quickly and easily import them into your EZ-CARE2 system.

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Partner Companies:

We are proud partners to some of the most influential companies in the childcare market. From fundraising, to programming, to childcare management, our partners can help you with all your childcare needs. Visit them below to learn more!

Fundraising Software Partner Logo


DonorPerfect organizes your constituent data in one unified database. It has easy to use constituent relationship management tools for making smarter, timelier decisions that help you raise more money for your cause. Two nonprofits, N-TEN and Idealware, gave DonorPerfect the most ‘excellent ratings’ in their donor management systems’ report.

Visit www.donorperfect.com Visit www.donorperfect.com

Constant Contact Integration

Constant Contact

Constant Contact lets you save time and reach your goals by bringing your email marketing together with all of your online marketing in one convenient place so that you never miss an opportunity to find new clients or engage the ones you have. Export contact information from EZ-CARE2 to your Constant Contact account.

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MMS Student Information Platform

MMS: Student Information Management System provides comprehensive school management software for public school districts, private, religious, charter, and independent schools. It provides user-friendly school software and customizable reporting tools allow you to track data, analyze trends and opportunities, and report student information easily and accurately. They offer a choice of MMS OnLine, our Software as a Service offering, or MMS with a perpetual site license which you can self-host.

Visit www.cri-mms.com arrow



The National Association for the Education of Young Children is the world’s largest organization focusing on the wellbeing of our nation’s young children. EZ-CARE2 is a proud partner of the NAEYC and their mission.


The Association for Early Learning Leaders (formerly NACCP)

The Association for Early Learning Leaders is a nonprofit which promotes leadership development in the child care industry. Their goal is to increase the knowledge and abilities of early learning professionals. EZ-CARE2 is a proud business partner.

EZ-CARE Partners: NAA Logo


The National After School Association is committed to the development and education of the out-of-school-time community. The NAA is a membership association for the professionals who work with children and youth to promote learning opportunities after school hours. EZ-CARE2 is a proud business partner.