Childcare Software Overview


EZ-CARE provides a complete software solution for managing any type of childcare or school-age program. All features work together to save you time and increase the efficiency and professionalism of your center.

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Childcare Software Overview
Features List:

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Enrollment & Recordkeeping

  • Online Childcare Registration

    Online Registration

    Provide parents the convenience of registering directly from your website. Our WebLink feature provides fully customizable forms that enable secure data collection and payment processing with software that is easily downloaded into EZ-CARE.

  • Childcare Family Data Management

    Track and maintain virtually unlimited data about parents and children.

    Best of all, your screens and fields can be customized to match your forms to speed data entry and track only the information you need.

  • Childcare Medical and Immuization Records

    Medical / Immunization

    Managing child health and immunization records is a snap. In addition to keeping vaccinations up-to-date, allergy information, doctor’s names, insurance information, and emergency contacts are just a click away.

  • Childcare Waiting List Software

    Waiting Lists

    Maximize program enrollments with efficient waiting list management. Not only does EZ-CARE allow you to keep any data you want about children and families waiting for available slots, but our powerful scheduling software tools allow you to project enrollment and child class advancement for any date in the future!

  • Childcare Staff Management

    Staff Data

    Keeping comprehensive data on your childcare staff is also a breeze in EZ-CARE. In addition to employment and contact data, you can also manage certifications, staff development training, and job performance notes and plan work schedules.

  • Childcare Reporting

    Flexible Reporting

    Although EZ-CARE software includes dozens of standard reports, we also offer the most powerful and easy-to-use report generator available so you can modify existing reports and create new ones, plus export any report to Word or Excel.


Billing & Payment Processing

  • Automatic Billing

    Automatic Billing

    EZ-CARE supports virtually any tuition and rate structure. Just assign the appropriate rate to each child and bill all your families automatically.

  • Online Payments/E-Invoicing

    Online Payments / E-Invoicing

    Parents love the convenience of paying their childcare tuition online. You’ll love getting paid faster and the ease of having payments automatically recorded on the parent’s ledger in your billing system.

  • Recurring Childcare Payments

    Recurring Payments

    Parents can pre-authorize the automatic collection of their childcare fees from their bank account or credit card making past due accounts a thing of the past.

  • Third-party Billing

    Third-party Billing

    Tracking subsidizer or split-parent billing couldn’t be easier. You simply assign a percentage or a fixed portion of a child’s fee to one or more third-parties.

  • Revenue & A/R Reports

    Revenue & A/R Reports

    Our finance tools put accurate, up-to-date financial reports at your fingertips. Revenue breakdowns, deposit slips, year-end tax statements are a snap!


Accounting & Bookkeeping

  • Accounts Payable

    Accounts Payable

    Reduce time spent on paying bills and managing expenses. Simply set up your vendors and enter invoices and expenses. Then print checks, reconcile your checkbook and generate accurate and timely reports.

  • General Ledger

    General Ledger

    A powerful yet simple double-entry system lets you easily set up and maintain efficient financial records.

  • Payroll


    Eliminate tedious center management payroll tasks by automatically calculating earnings and deductions, writing checks and providing tax forms.

  • Quickbooks Integration

    QuickBooks® Integration

    EZ-CARE integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks eliminating double entry. It’s the only childcare center management software certified as a QuickBooks Gold Developer.


Schedule & Attendance

  • Flexible Schedules

    Flexible Schedules

    Quickly and easily create and update schedules for every child. There is no limit to the number of full and part-time schedule templates you can create. You can even assign start and end dates, making it easy to plan for seasonal changes and child class advancement.

  • Staffing Tools

    Staffing Tools

    EZ-CARE provides an assortment of useful reports to identify staffing requirements based on child schedules and ratio requirements. Staff schedules and availability can also be tracked in EZ-CARE.

  • Attendance


    Easily track both child and staff attendance to use for any attendance-based billing or staff payroll purpose.

  • Check-In/Out

    TimeClock Check-In/Out

    In addition to simple attendance sheets, EZ-CARE offers a powerful TimeClock system for computerized tracking of child and staff attendance. Every authorized pickup has their own unique ID for maximum security and attendance accuracy.

  • Door Access Control

    Door Access Control

    Integrate TimeClock with an electronic door release for added low cost center security and improved check-in compliance.

  • Child Care Food Program

    Child Care Food Program

    Meal counts for USDA CCFP reporting can be automatically generated based on the attendance data from EZ-CARE.


Parent Communications

  • Word & Email Integration

    Word & Email Integration

    Keeping parents well informed is no problem since EZ-CARE integrates easily with Microsoft Word, Outlook and other email systems. Our unique Insta-Merge™ feature eliminates complex import/export procedures.

  • Automatic Phone Messages

    Automatic Phone Messages

    Quickly and easily notify parents in the event of an emergency or last minute schedule change with our automated phone messaging service from OneCallNow™.

  • Email Marketing/Communication

    Email Marketing / Communication

    Create professional e-newsletters, announcements and alerts with Constant Contact integration. No design expertise required. Keep track of statistics such as “opens”, “bounce rates”, “click-through’s” and more.


What Makes EZ-CARE Unique

  • One Information Source

    One Information Source

    EZ-CARE is a single source for all your information saving you time, resources and effort. All records and data are up-to-date and instantly accessible.

  • Software You Won't Outgrow

    Software You Won’t Outgrow

    Our unique package pricing is a cost-effective way to purchase only the features you need. All packages include premium support and you get automatic product updates that ensure you have the most up-to-date features.

  • User-Friendly Design

    User-Friendly Design

    Modeled after the structure of a childcare center office, EZ-CARE software uses familiar recordkeeping concepts such as Folders, Tabs, Drawers and File Cabinets to organize your information.

  • Customizable Design

    Customizable Design

    With EZ-CARE, you can add, rename, move, change or delete ANY field. This makes it easy to organize screens to match your center’s paper forms.

  • Multi-Site Management

    Multi-Site Management

    Manage multiple centers within a single database making it easy to provide consolidated reporting, while limiting access to data based on user-rights.

  • Hosted-Option

    EZ-CARE Installed Option

    EZ-CARE can be purchased and installed on your desktop computers. While the initial cost is higher than the subscription option, eliminating the monthly payments minimizes your ongoing IT expenses. Desktop software provides ultimate control over your data by maintaining it locally on your computer.

Childcare Management Software from EZ-CARE

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