Childcare Scheduling Software & Attendance Management

EZ-CARE childcare scheduling software makes scheduling and attendance management a pleasure. No matter what scheduling flexibility your childcare business or school-age program offers, EZ-CARE can accommodate it. Track regular schedules, temporary schedule changes, class advancement and, of course, actual attendance.

Flexible Schedules

Make permanent schedule changes while staying on top of temporary daily adjustments.

By applying recurring schedules against your center’s business calendar, our daycare scheduling software allows you to schedule as far into the future as you wish. This allows you to anticipate the effect of vacations, advancement to new classes, holidays, and future schedule changes for summer or other seasonal variations. Make permanent schedule changes while staying on top of temporary daily adjustments!

  • Manage child enrollment against classroom capacity
  • Plan child class advancement and seasonal changes while maintaining current schedules
  • Unlimited schedule and attendance history
  • Unlimited number of in-and-out time pairs
  • Unlimited number of weeks in recurring schedule
  • Schedule before and after-school care, drop-in care as well as regular enrollment
  • Minimize data entry by creating and applying schedule templates
  • Record vacations and planned absences without affecting normal schedules
  • Analyze staffing ratios and utilization to improve staffing efficiency
  • Anticipate future availability of enrollment slots
Childcare Business Scheduling Software

Staffing Tools

EZ-CARE gives you a complete set of tools to oversee staff development.

Useful tools make it easy to plan staff requirements and to identify available slots to maximize enrollment. The Staff module lets you track up to 9 pages of employee data including:

  • Employment & benefit data
  • Performance review notes
  • Medical and contact data
  • Certifications and trainings
  • Work schedules
Childcare Staffing Management Software

The Loading report shows one of the ways child and staff schedules can be viewed graphically. This view is useful for planning staffing requirements and quickly indentifying available slots.

Childcare Schedule Report


Accurate attendance tracking ensures correct billing and planning.

The attendance features can track actual vs. contracted attendance to help your childcare facility ensure correct billing and planning. Easily produce attendance sheets and reports.

  • Anticipate future availability of enrollment slots
  • Analyze staff utilization and staffing efficiency

There is a variety of Attendance Sheet formats to choose from. This weekly sign in sheet provides a list of scheduled children and a place to sign in and out.

Childcare Business Software


Not your average daycare or preschool time clock.

This easy to use, multi-functional module provides a professional and convenient solution for tracking attendance, communicating with parents and staff, providing account information, and more!

  • Ensure Accurate Attendance
  • Enhance Parent Communication
  • Improve Staffing Efficiency
  • Reduce Administrative Time
  • Eliminate Separate Time Clocks and Door Release Systems
Childcare Scheduling Software Time Clock Screens

Communicate with staff and parents using
TimeClock’s messaging and RSVP features!

Our TimeClock daycare attendance software not only provides accurate records for children and daycare staff, but also provides message delivery, access to schedules and ledger information, and even parent responses to questions via its innovative RSVP feature.

Door Access Control

Our low-cost electronic door access control for daycare security provides peace of mind for you and parents.

Make your daycare building more secure with our TimeClock door release and access control option. Staff, parents & other authorized pick-ups use their unique PIN number to gain access to your child care center at the same time EZ-CARE2 records their arrival or departure.

  • Works with key fob, keypad, or touch-screen
  • Options for multiple doors
  • Far less expensive and more secure then stand-alone access control systems
  • Works with standard electronic door strikes and replaces buzzing parents in

Childcare Center Security

Childcare Food Program

Ensure your center is eligible for USDA Food Program funding.

Meal counts for USDA CCFP reporting can be automatically generated based on the attendance data.

Childcare Food Program (CCFP) Reporting