Childcare Enrollment & Recordkeeping

EZ-CARE eliminates the hassles of daily administrative tasks involved in childcare enrollment and recordkeeping. By easing data entry with online child registration, tracking nearly unlimited data on families, children and staff, and improving business decisions with our powerful reporting and analysis, your job will become easier.

Online Registration

Online Childcare Enrollment Forms: Customized, Secure and Easy.

Provide parents the convenience of registering for childcare directly from your website. Our WebLink feature provides fully customizable forms that enable secure data collection and payment processing with softerware that is easily downloaded into EZ-CARE.

EZ-CARE2’s online forms management module,WebLink™, enables you to collect data online and integrate it directly into EZ-CARE or any database you choose, saving you time on data entry. The forms can be personalized to look like your website, and collect exactly the data you want, including secure credit card payment processing. Collected data is easily reviewed through WebLink’s administrative tools so you bring in correct data.

    Online Entry Forms For:

  • Registration & Enrollment
  • Information Requests
  • Staff Applications
  • Program Event Sign-Ups
  • Donations and Much More!
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Online Childcare Enrollment Form Screenshot

Family & Child Data

Track data on your families and children.

Enter, maintain and report on data associated with families and children within EZ-CARE childcare software.

    Features include:

  • Extensive demographic and enrollment data
  • Multiple addresses and guardian relationships
  • Checklists for forms and permissions
  • Use “Notes” fields to track accidents, development issues, and other commentary
  • Emergency contacts and authorized pick-ups
  • Pictures of children, parents or pick-ups
Child and Family Information Tracking Screenshot

Medical / Immunization

Easily report on vaccinations, medications, health records and more.

  • Track an unlimited amount of data on the health and well-being of children, including allergies, medications, medical forms, a record of childhood vaccines and illnesses, and more. You can specify the immunizations required by your state/province, and track due dates for each immunization.
Childcare Immunization Tracking

Waiting Lists

Automate the childcare applicant waiting list process.

  • With the waiting list module, you can track data on prospective families, including inquiry source, conversation notes and any other data to help your marketing efforts. You can also prioritize the waiting list on any factors you choose (e.g. siblings, etc.), and save time by automatically transferring data upon enrollment.
Childcare Waiting List Screenshot

Staff Management

EZ-CARE gives you the tools to oversee staff development.

    The Staff module lets you track and report on up to 9 pages of employee data, including:

  • Employment & benefit data
  • Performance review notes
  • Medical & contact data
  • Certifications & trainings
  • Work schedules
Childcare Staff Management Software Timecard

Plus, our staffing reports include child and staff schedules together to plan staffing needs, as well as revenue vs. labor reports to gain insight into program profitability.

Flexible Scheduling

Make better business decisions with the right reporting. EZ-CARE comes with dozens of useful reports that give complete flexibility to sort and filter on any field(s) you want so you get exactly the information you need.

With our custom report writer, producing customized Labels, Lists, Summaries, Statistical Reports or File Exports is an easy step-by-step process. You can modify existing system reports, or create new reports to meet your center’s requirements. Take a look at the 60 built-in childcare program reports.

Here are some examples of our reports: