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Child care center directors are always amazed at how much EZ-CARE child care software positively affects the day to day operations of their center. Child care management tasks that took hours can now be done in minutes. All software features were developed with child care centers specific needs in mind, from managing parent billing and center finances to scheduling and record keeping. Organize family, child and staff information exactly the way you want. Manage attendance and the security of your child care center effectively and professionally. Quickly generate invoices, reports and more with our child care software.

Complete Child care Information Management

EZ-CARE enables you to manage unlimited demographic and enrollment data, as well as staff and prospective student information. Additionally, your EZ-CARE child care software package comes to you already personalized to match your centers forms, procedures and even your terminology. As your needs change, the child care software makes it easy to add or alter screens and fields.

Child care Software Management Features:

  • Pictures of children, staff, parents or pick-ups
  • Medical records and immunization management
  • Tabs provide one-click access to data
  • Checklists for forms and permissions
  • Data security – software access is password controlled by user and function
  • Use “Notes” fields to track accidents, development issues, and other commentary
  • Dozens of useful management reports with complete flexibility to sort and filter on just the data you want.
  • Create user-defined fields and screens with our child care software
  • Emergency contacts and authorized pick-ups
  • Offer parents the convenience of online registration with forms powered by EZ-CARE2
  • Personalized communication via letter or email is made easy with our integration with Word and Outlook.
  • Professional e-newsletters are a snap with our low cost software for creating, sending and tracking group emails.
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Child care Schedule & Attendance Tracking

EZ-CARE child care software makes schedule management and attendance tracking a pleasure. Track regular schedules, temporary schedule changes, class advancement and of course actual attendance. The child care software offers a variety of attendance sheet formats (alternately, you can eliminate attendance sheets all together with our computerized time-clock).

Software Attendance & Scheduling Features:

  • Minimize data entry by creating and applying schedule templates
  • Manage enrollment against classroom capacity
  • Plan child class advancement and seasonal changes while maintaining current schedules
  • Analyze staffing ratios and utilization to improve staffing efficiency
  • Anticipate future availability of enrollment slots with our child care software
  • Computerized Time-Clock software tracks actual arrival and departure times for parents and staff, and supports touch screens or keypads! The software also integrates with inexpensive electronic door release technology for low-cost, effective security!
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