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This Week’s Childcare Management Tips Round-Up

  • 5 Reasons Why It’s Better To Collect Childcare Payments Via Auto-Pay. An auto-pay plan is the easiest, most efficient way for childcare centers to collect childcare fees and for parents to pay them.
  • Literacy is for everyone. Some centers are harnessing creative ways to ensure that all children have access to books, including children with disabilities.
  • Rise and shine! Morning is the most essential time to children transitioning from home to their childcare center or school, so it’s important to make the most of them.
  • Healthy Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day tends to be packed with cute cards and an abundance of sugary treats. Try out a healthy twist on your Cupid duties this year with easy-to-make, vitamin-rich Valentines.
  • Hungry For More Useful Childcare Management Tips

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    Emily Patz
    by Emily Patz

    Feb 11 16
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